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More Often than not

it is the people in our lives that love us the most that encourage us to become the best version of ourselves.  In my case, that person happens to be my sweetheart, Amy.  Through out our marriage she has gently nudged and firmly prodded me to turn my piddling into passion. 


By trade, I am a contractor, and my need to build things runs deep.  Unfortunately, economic times saw the shift from a steady stream of jobs slow to a small trickle in my part of the country.  For a while, I spent some long days just piddling in my shop.  It was on one of those days that my sweetheart let me know I had been sitting like a bump on a log for far too long and it was high time I started something new.  She showed me a picture of an old bench made of reclaimed wood and encouraged me with the words, “You can build it.”  and, I did. 


Truth be told, those four simple words make her the creative genius behind the conception of Wildsmith Woodworks.  If not for her belief in me, I wouldn’t have discovered my love for wood and found my calling as a craftsman.  If not for her continued encouragement, I wouldn’t be sharing my story with you.  I do declare, I love that woman even when she wears flip-flops for treasure hunting at a junkyard. 


Five years have passed and I am still making things out of reclaimed wood.  I consider it an honor to give it a second chance at a new life.   I reclaim it.  I restore it.  I repurpose it for a new generation.  The way I see it, old wood has been the victim of age and neglect.  By doing what I love, I am defying the elements.  It is my responsibility as a craftsman to salvage history one piece at a time. 


Well, that's my story, and I would just like to say that I am much obliged for you taking the time to read it.

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